Hi! I'm Merlin. I do many things.
I'm a gifted, 2e, human being. I love playing, creating and collaborating.
These are the main projects I am working on or have worked on.


Cloudjumper : I'm an Artist. I create music, and some poetry and pictures. As Cloudjumper I have YouTube Channel with my music. You can also find it on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Soundcloud. A lot of the visual art & sketches I create you can find on Instagram.

Gifted Creative Coaching: I work as a coach and mentor for gifted adults, together with InterGifted, a wonderful organization for gifted adults that support with all my heart.

Cloudjumper Audio: I work as a media composer and producer on different film and video game projects, as well as with artists, vocalists, and other creatives.

MM4VG: MakingMusicForVideoGames was an initiative I founded to bring the audio people and game creators together. It included a regular local meetup, a country wide contest, and a few other initiatives and ran for about 3 years.